Take me back to Deutschland!!

I miss Germany.  Every. Day. Of. My. Life.


I dream about going back to the place I feel the most at home constantly and everyday gets worse.  To help me remember the wonderful memories I had when I went and all the things I learned, I wrote on my first blog about all my tips and stories so I could share them with you adventurous people 🙂

Ive decided to reblog my posts on my splendid journeys to Deutschland!

Here is the first post: General Tips and Random Observations


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I am not a salad fan. Occasionally I will crave one when I go out but generally I am a carb junkie.

Today, that also changed. What is pictured above is one of the greatest salads I ever made. Ever.

What’s in it:
-red pepper
-red onion
-black olives
-ginger dressing (like you get at sushi restaurants)

Oh the noms!! So much yum, I packed all the goodies up for lunch tomorrow!!

Also in other news…
Today: Leg day…

1:35 wall sit
Calf extensions
Fire hydrants
Donkey kicks
Squats (60-Start low and work up to lots of squats)


Truth! I can’t wait!!

The Goals


I think that publicly documenting my progress will keep me accountable for this weight loss journey. With that I want to get my goals out into the world. Maybe we have similar goals? Maybe you have advice on how I can reach these goals? I hope so let’s see!!

My Goals

1.) Shed Some Pounds
Obviously I need to lose a lot of excess weight around my stomach, thighs, arms and back. I am sick of the jiggle and would like to significantly reduce that!

2.) Get Healthy
Not only do I want to lose some Ibs, I would like to eat healthier and not just be skinny but fit. While I have a clean bill of health, I would like to ensure it.

3.) New Clothes
I know this is kind of shallow BUT they don’t make a lot of cute clothes for plus sized gals (which is bullshit by the way but I digress). I love fashion but I can’t wear a lot of things I want with out looking like a sausage. I want to wear what I want without feeling ashamed of my back fat.

4.) Giving Life
You are probably curious about this one. I am not interested in having my own children but I would love to help people have the opportunity to if they can’t. I would like to be an egg donor but I can not do that without losing at least 65 Ibs SO there is that!!

Here is to the journey!!


The Struggle IS Real


For as long as I can remember I have been overweight. Literally my whole life I have struggled with my weight and I will lose a couple of pounds then something happens and I stop. The weight comes back and the vicious cycle continues.

Not. Anymore.

Today, I got moving! I put on my new PINK tank top, put my running shoes on and hit my weights and treadmill.


I worked on my arms today. Eight pound weights and 3 sets of 15 reps. I did:
-tricep extensions
-90 degree raises
-Rear Flyes



Before I started my cardio, I got in 1:30 wall sit! Which is a good start for someone who hasn’t done them in ages. Before 30 seconds seemed like forever.

Then I hopped on the treadmill and kept my pace a little faster than a walk (3.5-4.0) always with an incline of 2. I was feeling extra motivated and did an hour going 3.5 miles and burning 400 calories! Woop woop!

Music is so so important for me to keep going. I am a huge fan of EDM and an ever bigger fan of the new dismembered Swedish House Mafia. I discovered there One Last Tour live album and it delivers 31 songs and over two hours of beats that will keep you going.

If you are into interval training it is definitely the CD you want to listen to! If you don’t want to dive into the whole CD but are looking for some songs to mix into your playlist, try any version of “Don’t you worry Child” or “Miami to Ibiza”.

After I showered I made a little snack: a baby avocado with a drizzle of olive oil, cracked salt and pepper with a sprinkle of curry powder. Delish!!


Hopefully now that this is out there and actual people are reading this it will hold me accountable to stay on track for real this time!

Any words of encouragement, tips, experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Let’s do this!!!

Sunday Favorites: Calvin Harris

I. Love. Calvin. Harris.

Like a lot.

I cannot stop listening to his new CD, Motion which is everything.  Anyone looking at this post have listened to at least one of his songs because they are literally every where. From “Summer” to “Let’s go”, from “Sweet Nothing” to “Blame” every song he does is wonderful.

Here are a few reasons he is my Sunday Favorite:

1.) I cannot stop dancing to his songs

Harris (from Scotland!!) is a DJ who has been sharing with the world EDM (or Electric Dance Music).  Blame featuring John Newman is my ultimate favorite song of his and I cannot stop listening to it.

A close second is Sweet Nothing featuring Florence Welsh (from Florence and the Machine).

2.) He is nice to look at


reallllllyyyyy nice to look at…


3.) He makes a ton of money

This isn’t a reason why I like him, it’s more of a fun fact!  He made $66 Million dollars last year, making him the highest paid DJ in the world, beating Tiesto, David Guetta, Armin Van Burren, etc.

4.) He works with great artists

While he does sing on some of his songs (like Summer and Faith), he works with some of my favorite artists like

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding



Florence Welsh

Florence Welsh

Go out and get all his CD’s, you’ll have so much fun listening.  You won’t be able to keep yourself from dancing!

Go out and buy all his CD’s you’ll have so much fun listening to all his songs that w

Adventures Across the Pond, Part 3: Edinburgh

I spend just about every day thinking about Edinburgh and Scotland.  There was just something about it that makes me yearn for it.  The picturesque landscape, the people, the food all make me wish I spent more than two days there.  Actually, when I think about the short time we were there, I can’t believe that we only allocated two days there when I wish we spent weeks.  Needless to say, I need to go back immediately.

Anyways, Edinburgh is incredible.  For starters it’s beautiful even though it rained 85% of the time we were there.  It’s rather small and by that I mean, Edinburgh is very walkable.  They have a tram system, double decker BLACK buses (which I loved, super classy), and of course taxi’s.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile

We spent a lot of our time on the Royal Mile.  It goes from the Edinburgh Castle all the way to the water (which you can see a bit in the picture above).  Lots of shops (I hope you are in the market for tartan scarves and kilts!), restaurants, and beautiful architecture!


154515_757709642297_495557175431919720_n - Copy 10426236_757874796327_3758073910919027901_n

We stayed at Castle Rock Hostel which was the perfect location as it is literally right across the street from Edinburgh Castle.  Their prices were perfect for a three bed private room, they did our laundry (for £5), and the staff were outstanding.


The view from our room

The view from our room

The main event, the reason why we went to Edinburgh was the Castle.  It was such a lovely place with great views and rich history.  Take the tour! It’s free with cost of admission (£16).  You’ll see a 900 year old chapel (!!!!!) and the coronation stone that they still use to this day in London.  And if you have sometime, have tea and scones at the little restaurant they have next to the cannons! Fun fact about the cannons, they are actually naval cannons and were placed at the castle after Queen Victoria was disappointed there were none.

My mom and I.

My mom and I.




We also had to take a couple of these…because of reasons.

Dancing in the Dance Hall

Dancing in the Dance Hall


Lastly, we got tattoos.  I like to remember experiences this way and since I love to travel, I got this beaut at Studio 13!


One of these days, I will go back and in the meantime I will bide my time with these wonderful memories and if you ever have the chance, do yourself a favor and go!